Puppets are funny creatures.
As are the people who create them,
and animate them.

Beginning in April of 2000, PBS broadcast a kids' show called BETWEEN THE LIONS.
It was witty, clever, and enabled children to become more comfortable with language, and reading.

Dean Gordon (on the right) was one of a rotation of directors.  I've known Dean for many years, going back to when he was a Stage Manager.  And the gentlemen on the left is Shawn Havens, Stage Manager for the day.  Excellent team.

I was brought in to hold cue cards for Dr. Ruth.
What a gracious, professional, warm human being she is!!
At the end of the shoot, she insisted that a spread of wine
and cheese be laid out for the crew,
and then she raised a glass to us all,
and wished us a lifetime of good sex!
And on top of that,
in recognition of my cue carding,
she insisted that the floral arrangement in her dressing room
be given to me.
The sets were spectacular.
They were, for the most part, built up on platforms so that the puppeteers could work from beneath them.

This is only a partial view of the library set, completely filled with real books.

       This is origami expert, and all-around good guy,
Pat Minietta.
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