Due to the overwhelming tragedy of September 11, 2001,
there was much discussion as to the appropriateness of holding
The Miss America Pageant this year.

But as it really is the quintessential symbol of the
American value system,

the show went on.

  The show was a somewhat pared-down version of previous events.  Gone was the high-tech volatility of the last few years.
And in its place, icons of America were ubiquitous.

The set was still beautiful, as were the ladies themselves.
These are bright women who have very specific Life goals in mind,
and the educational opportunities that the pageant provides is the reason that they're there.
Put aside all previous misconceptions you may have had about them

Tony Danza was the evening's host.  I've worked with him several times over the years, and his tap dancing only improves with time.

Although we had a new production company in charge,
Bob Bain Productions,
many of the regular crew were in attendance.
was a favorite handheld op.  His passing brought great sadness to all of us, but he shall always remain in our hearts.
I always found myself smiling when I entered the venue and saw him there.

  Those of you who have followed this website over the years
know the tremendous respect I have for this lady . . .  LYN NOLAND.  She represents us with talent, style and grace.

And, anyone who knows me at all,
knows that utilities (or "utes")
are my personal gods.
They are the first to arrive at work, and the last to leave.
They are penultimate problem solvers, with an extraordinarily wide range of knowledge.
They multi-task, problem solve, bust ass for us all,
and yet they still manage to show a smile.

Here are two of the best:
BARRY FLEMMING (on the right)

And one more thing . . .
I love a production company that gives me a credit!!
 . . . a credit and swag . . .
a free-lancer's dream.