Takes on the Mob
The location: a burnt-out warehouse in Brooklyn, NY.
The players: Bill Maher and his co-horts.
The aim: to skewer and shed light on the Mafia (which of course, as we all know, doesn't really exist.)
   . . . and we did, with a mix of ex-prosecutors,
journalists, and relatives of some of the "Family" members.
      The setting was fantastic.
Some extremely wise people have purchased this East Riverfront property, and film and tv crews are making good use of it before it's turned into high-priced condos.
The sunsets made me wonder why I'd just spent so much money
on a trip to the Caribbean.  Hmmm.

As the show is normally taped in LA,
we were treated to the directorial stylings of Hal Grant (on the right)
and the key-comedy of Stage Manager Pat Whitney (on the left.)

The bumpers were priceless . . . well, not exactly.
HBO Downtown Productions et al spent a reputed million dollars to bring this week of
expose to the public.

Yeah . . .
I'd prompt this gig again anytime they asked.
No offers refused.