I began in Los Angeles cue carding on game shows,
and I once again found myself full circle.
Columbia TriStar, in conjunction with the MARYLAND LOTTERY,
produced a game show based on various lottery games.

They ended up giving away nearly 1 ½ million dollars . . . but the best part was that the 50 lucky
contestants were culled from people who had previously bought losing lottery tickets.
At the top of the show, four people split $100,000.00.
And the very next game saw a winner of over $222,000.00!!
That win was perhaps the most popular amongst the crew, as it made everything seem “real” to us.
For days we had rehearsed and rehearsed that game, exploring every conceivable variable
  and adjusting camera shots and copy for each.
But when one exceedingly lucky gentleman dared to go all the way and risk losing a guaranteed $22,000.00+,
the studio exploded with excitement
. . . most notably among the crew!
The crew was mostly made up of an Orlando contingent, where game shows, animal shows, and kids’ shows are, on an increasingly frequent basis, being created.
I knew few of them, but was impressed with the level of quality and efficiency they exhibited.  The show aired locally in Maryland for two years in a row.
It was an hour long game show, with hosts  DOUG DAVIDSON  (of  THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS  ) and DEIDRE JOHNSON, a locally based theatre actress.
               Hard work,but then I find those jobs to ultimately be the most rewarding.

And game shows are (let’s be honest here) just plain fun!
I admit it.  I’m a daily addict of The Price is Right and Wheel of Fortune.
The sets are colorful, as are the people who design them
(Jimbo, you rock!)

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