This is a prestigious award show, perhaps most familiar for the yearly controversy surroundingthe nominations.
The Miller clan helms it, and having come from a theatrical background, it is always a "must-watch" for me.             
This year GROVER ZUCKER was the FLASHCARDS employee who represented us.
The ceremony was held in the Gershwin Theatre, and featured stellar performances and appearances by the brightest lights on Broadway.

To inject a personal note here, which is probably somewhat inappropriate, I wish that the powers-that-be would take heed of the popularity of the British imports, and strive to match the quality of them rather than wasting time and money in defending the over-produced, outrageously expensive,
mass-audience-targeted musicals that America seems determined to open and subsequently close due to an inability to profit from them.
When 2+ hours cost well over $100, and tickets must be purchased months and sometimes years in advance in order to ensure an acceptable seat,
who isn’t going to hesitate to attend theatre on an ongoing basis? 

That said, my recommendation is that no matter what the play, no matter where the venue,
don’t ever miss a show that features CHERRY JONES.
This is an actress whose luminescence will not soon leave your memory;
she is a modern day Laurette Taylor . . . a young Julie Harris . . . an American treasure.

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